Born April 11 1956

Mikael Olsen was among the first graduates from the Danish Film School in 1987 having followed the newly established three years writing programme. Preceding this he had just finished his MD in psychology. Since then he apparently has felt compelled to try out many different aspects of filmmaking and storytelling, which has led to positions as chairman of Writers Guild where he negotiated and established the existing agreement between Writers Guild and Danish Producer's Association; Commissioning Editor at the Danish Film Institute; Story editor at TV as well as extensive script consulting and teaching over the years.

During the past 10 years Mikael has balanced a slightly strange but exciting mixture of producing and writing feature films and documentaries; however since two years now writing has come more and more in focus once again. So this combined with his interest in international co-productions and day-to-day collaborations with other nationalities, which amongst others has led to the omnibus film VISONS OF EUROPE consisting of 25 films by 25 European directors, makes the tv-series BABYLON a dream-project.


2011 -      

BABYLON (in development) TV-series. Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel, writer

TORDENSKJOLD (tba) Feature. Dir. Espen Sandberg, Joachim Roenning, screenplay

HONESTLY SPEAKING (preproduction) Feature. Dir. Erik Clausen, screenplay



FREEDOM ON PAROLE. Feature, Dir. Erik Clausen, producer & 1st. AD.

LOVE AND RAGE.  Feature, Dir. Morten Giese, producer

TICKET TO ROMANCE. FEATURE, Dir. Gert Fredholm, screenplay and producer

VIDEOCRACY.  Feature-documentary. Sweden.  Dir. Erik Gandini, co-producer  

METROPIA.  Animated feature. Sweden.  Dir. Tarik Saleh, co-producer

33 SCENES OF LIFE.  Feature. Poland. Dir. Malgosia Szumowska, ass. producer

PARADISE.  Feature-documentary, Dir. Sami Saif, Erlend Mo og Jens Loftager , producer

BELOW.  Shortfilm, Dir. Anne-Grethe Bjarup-Riis, producer



THE DANISH SONG – 10 part documentary series for tv-station DR2 with singer Kim Larsen as well as poet and author Klaus Rifbjerg, Dir. Thomas Thurah, producer 

THE THREE MUSKETEERS Feature puppet-animation, Dir. Maris Putnis / danish version Gert Fredholm, co-writer and producer

THE JUDGE – Feature, Dir. Gert Fredholm, screenplay and producer

 GITMO. Feature-documentary. Sweden. Dir. Erik Gandini, Tarik Saleh, co- producer

IMPORT-EXPORT.  Feature. Norway. Dir. Khalid Hussein, co-producer

VISIONS OF EUROPE – 25 visions -  25 directors - 1 film (2004), producer

BAZO. Feature. Norway.  Dir. Lars Göran Pettersson, producer

ANOLIT. Shortfilm. Norway.  Dir. Stefan Faldbakken, co-producer

ONE HAND CLAPPING.  Feature. Dir. Gert Fredholm, screenplay and producer

REALITY – THE FINAL TEST. Documentary about actor Jens Okking, writer and director

THE HOTEL episodes 1-10, finaldraft screenplay.

UNIT 1 episode 11, screenplay

PROP and BERTA. Feature puppet-animation. Screenplay

Extensive scriptconsulting – features, tv and other formats. Teaching and workshops



Commissioning editor at Norwegian Filmdevelopment. Script consulting, workshops etc.



Commissioning editor/film consultant at Dansh Film Institute. Commissioned - DANCER IN THE DARK and THE IDIOTs, dir. Lars von Trier, MIFUNES LAST SONG, dir. Søren Kragh Jacobsen, FESTEN, dir. Thomas Vintherberg, FUCKING ÅMÅL and TILSAMMANS dir. Lukas Moodysson, THE BENCH, dir. Per Fly, SLIP HESTENE LØS dir. Erik Clausen, BLEEDER – dir. Nicolas Winding Refn amongst others.



THE LAST VIKING, feature screenplay, VEILED HEARTS, IT IS A LIE, KNIGHT OF JUSTICE three shortfilm screenplays, Storyeditor at DR-DRAMA, Co-developer on the tv-series TAXA, Chairman of Writers Guild



Graduate The Danish Filmschool – screenwriter



Graduate University of Copenhagen – MD in Psychology